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Aliya Bulkan's body found: I was moved by this story....don't know why.

The search for the body of 23-year-old Aliya Bulkan, who jumped off the Kaieteur Falls last Saturday, has come to a close.

23-year-old Aliya Bulkan

Captain Gerald Gouveia, CEO of Roraima Holdings, said that Aliya’s body was found among rocks at the bottom of the waterfall around 13:00 hrs yesterday.

Mr. Rustum Bulkan, the young woman’s father, had been assisting the Guyana Defence Force officers in the search.

The young woman and a friend, Ms. Lisa Ahmad, were among eight others, including the pilot, on the trip to Kaieteur Falls. Their flight with Roraima Airways left Georgetown at 8:15am and reached the destination point at 9:15am.

Eyewitnesses claim that at the end of the tour of the Kaieteur National Park, the falls being the last stop, Aliya turned back, in the direction of the falls, making the deadly leap over the 741 ft. high waterfall.

Family members, according to the eldest Bulkan daughter, Ms. Camilla Bulkan, are coping with the tragedy.


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