AVATAR movie trailer!.....I'm really liking this man!

This moose comes back every day on its on to work for the man

Rapper Hi-Caliper: Gives his opinion on certain issues. Watch the vid with an open mind.


MrWill said...

A conservative that dresses like a drug-dealer. Give me a break.

Well, this Caliber guy must be HI! For the moment, I'll ignore the fact that his music sounds like garbage. He might as well just tell us how he feels--because that banter-over-beats is not art. Stop.

I have very little respect for people who are able to highlight the flaws, mistakes and inabilities of everyone else(especially the government), but offer no solution.

Truthfully, his views aren't totally without merit (I understand the note about immigrants taking jobs at a lower pay rate), but he shouldn't let his "patriotism" blind him to the fact that God doesn't know a thing about country borders; and a "Christian" can't be such a hardline separatist. And that applies to immigration AND homosexuality.

Also, what he calls Obama's fascism, I call regulations that cripple corporate monopoly. If the government has to come in and offer the people affordable alternatives, so that men, women and chilren can survive...so be it. Maybe Obama will fail....but I think we all agree that our economy isn't screwed up due to natural causes! Isn't time that we tried something new? There's nothing undemocratic about government options (Like FedEx, UPS or USPS?). Utilize it, or don't...it's your choice.

Without offering a solution to the problem, Hi-Caliber is just a talent-less critic.

"I'm saying it for entertainment. And I'm a rapper. My job is to make fun of people..."

Well said.

P.S. Joe Wilson is about as heroic as John Wilkes Booth.

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